Eliminate Tattoo Removal is dedicated to the process of seeing your tattoo removed. We appreciate each one of our patients and want you to be happy with the results of your laser tattoo removal treatments. We want to eliminate any tattoo or tattoos you no longer want. There are many variables which determine how many treatments it may take to remove a tattoo with a laser. Each tattoo is unique and we always recommend you come into our office for a free consultation about the tattoo removal process. In the consultation we will look at your tattoo and what it will take to remove your tattoo with a laser. We are very thorough with explaining the removal process and want you to fully understand laser tattoo removal. Call us today to schedule your free consultation.

Eliminate Tattoo Removal is a Registered Trademark of Eliminate Tattoo Removal LLC.

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What kind of results should you expect?


Eliminate Tattoo Removal is Idaho's laser tattoo removal expert.  We are located at 909 S. Allante Ave in Boise, ID. We are inside Allante Life Med Spa off of Maple Grove Rd and  Hackamore Dr. We love walk-in's. Feel free to stop by for a free consultation or you can call us at 208-376-3495  to set up an appointment.

Free Consultations

$35 per square inch

0% Interest Financing

We have no minimum procedure costs for laser tattoo removal. Above pricing is based on per session and financing.


We want you to feel comfortable with laser tattoo removal by understanding the process. Eliminate Tattoo Removal's method applies the most advanced and medically proven method of safe laser tattoo removal.  Eliminate Tattoo Removal only uses FDA approved lasers and is supervised by a Nurse Practitioner.  



Tattoo Removal

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